Two Amazing Cobidex Campaigns With Unmissable Rewards: Get All Details Here

Campaign 1: Earn a Whopping Bonus with Cobidex

Get a chance to win from a prize pool of 10 million Cobi tokens, brought to you by Cobidex, the world’s first community-owned bitcoin derivative exchange. All you need to do is Sign Up to Cobidex, deposit your USDTs and trade USDT-margined perpetual future contracts. 5 lucky winners will win from a prize pool of 10 million Cobis, Cobidex’s native utility tokens that convert trading costs into investments. The prize amount will depend on your individual trade volume in correspondence to the total trade volume and the total Cobi token pool. Hurry up, the content begins on 8th November and ends on 8th December. You don’t want to miss the bus!


8th Nov to 8th Dec

Contest Details

1. Users will sign-up+deposit USDT + trade futures.

2. At the end of one month, users will be rewarded COBI tokens based on their trade volumes.

3. COBI rewards will be distributed from the COBI token pool kept aside for this particular activity.

4. The rewards will be distributed as follow:

(Participant’s Trade Volume) x (Total COBI Token Pool)

The 10 million COBI tokens will be activated in increments of 1 million COBI for every 1,000 participants.

The table below illustrates this activation schedule:

Token Distribution to Winners

The total rewards will be distributed across the Top 5 traders based in their trade volumes, retweets of their trade.

Campaign 2: Weekend Flashtrade with Cobidex

Stand a chance to win from a prize pool of 500k Cobis, Cobidex’s native utility and incentive-generating tokens. Participate in Cobidex’s weekend trading contest. Polish your trading shoes as the excitement will begin on 13th November and will continue throughout the following weekends till 5th December. Rewards will be distributed across 100 winners and will be calculated in correspondence to the profits and losses generated within the 48 hours runtime for each weekend. Cobidex will open its doors with a selected pair each weekend. Check out this space for a heads up on pairs that you have to trade on to ace the weekend contest.


13th & 14th Nov, 20th & 21st Nov, 27th & 28th Nov, 4th & 5th Dec

Contest Details

Every week for 48 hours we start a trading contest that is only open for a selected pair


1. At the end of 48 hours, we can have 100 selected winners for the contest.

2. The winners will be as per the PNL during the 48 hours in which the contest is live

3. The winners will be given a pre-selected prize from the prize pool depending upon their rank.

Token Distribution to Winners

1. 500K COBI will be distributed gradually across the Top 10 traders of the week.

2. The remaining 11–100 traders will receive the same fixed amount of COBI.




World’s 1st Community Owned Bitcoin Derivatives Exchange

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World’s 1st Community Owned Bitcoin Derivatives Exchange

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