Tired of High Trading Costs? Turn Them Into Investments with Cobidex

Cobidex, the world’s 1st community-owned crypto derivatives exchange, is about to change the face of cryptocurrency derivatives trading with its unique features that will turn trading costs into investments. 2.4 billion of its native crypto tokens, COBI, which will come under the acquisition of Cobidex users for simply using the platform, will open the door to a steady passive income.

Cobidex users can primarily earn COBI by trading, referring the platform to peers and providing liquidity. Apart from the 2.4 billion COBIs allocated for distribution for trade mining, 720 million COBIs are reserved for new users and the overall ecosystem development. So, if you have been constantly tired of the high trading costs, Cobidex has a solution for you!

How Does Cobidex Turn Trading Cost Into Investments?

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The cryptocurrency derivatives market is evolving. One of the primary reasons behind its meteoric rise is that these products replicate the underlying value of a cryptocurrency without being the cryptocurrency itself. Traders love them since they are instruments for speculating and making profits from the rise and fall of the cryptocurrency value which a derivative represents. This means cryptocurrency traders can use derivatives for hedging their portfolios, especially since crypto assets are pretty volatile.

A perpetual crypto contract is one derivative category that allows crypto traders to hold on to their positions for as long as they want without the need to sell their crypto asset at a compromised price which is often the case with spot and traditional futures. Although perpetual contracts are a favourite product among long-term traders, maintaining them comes with its fair share of costs. This includes the initial margin, a running cost that you would pay to keep your position open. You must also consider a funding rate that you may or may not have to pay. This depends on which end of the spectrum you lean towards as far as the price difference between the perpetual contract and its spot market counterpart is concerned.

At Cobidex, we understand your concerns, and we want our traders to earn crypto rewards through derivatives trading. Therefore, we make it possible through our native utility and governance token, COBI, which will later payout to the traders who stake them in the form of daily dividends based on Cobidex’s daily revenue. Secondly, all COBI holders will benefit from a monthly share of the exchange’s total generated revenue from the market-making activity for that month by staking their COBI tokens. These are our propositions for the future that will see traders as shareholders of the exchange’s profits.

Cobidex is Currently Focussing on USDT-margined Perpetual Futures

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Currently, Cobidex is offering traders access to the world’s most popular USDT-margined perpetual contracts. The reason for choosing a USDT-settled derivatives contract is:

  • They are easy to operate without requiring mastering hedging strategies on the trader’s part.
  • Payouts are settled in USDT, and they are always linear, unlike coin-margined contracts.
  • USDT works across multiple cryptocurrency contracts without incurring conversion rates.
  • They provide better protection from cryptocurrency volatility which may suddenly turn a market bearish.


Cobidex intends to create a trading platform that keeps its trading community on top of the priority list. Therefore, we make sure all our services are in some way tied to a steady ROI. We will make it possible through our native token, COBIs, which will come into circulation through trading, staking and referral activities and contests. So, it’s time to realize the full potential of USDT-margined contracts and get rewarded in a lump sum for doing so. Follow our Twitter for more information!




World’s 1st Community Owned Bitcoin Derivatives Exchange

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World’s 1st Community Owned Bitcoin Derivatives Exchange

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